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History of the Stubby

The stubby beer bottle was Canada's nationial beer bottle from 1961 to 1984. In 1961 the Dominion Brewers Association (now the Brewers Association of Canada) replaced the heavy, bulky, non-standard 12oz "pint" and 22oz "quart" beer bottles with a new more efficient designed "stubby" bottle to be used by all Canadian breweries.

The 60's and 70's were good years for the Canadian breweries. Competition from the American breweries was limited and under Canadian law Canadian beer could only be sold in the province it was produced, Moosehead Lager could not be sold in British Columbia, Kokanee could not be sold in Nova Scotia, this prevented the smaller breweries from expanded outside of their province. Over 150 million stubbies were produced during this time.

During the early 1980's beer sales were slow, microbreweries had a better product, interprovincial beer sales were now allowed, the stubby had been around for 20 years, and the major breweries needed a new marketing plan. Carling O'Keefe decided to sell Miller, an American beer, in an American style long neck bottle with great success and the other breweries soon followed with their own long neck bottles. The Canadian stubby was last used in 1984.

Selling and Buying Stubbies on Ebay

Below are links to current and completed Ebay auctions to give you some information on the market for these bottles. I do not sell or buy stubby bottles anymore and the auctions are not associated with me, any questions about the auctions should be directed to the Ebay seller.

About the Photography

You will notice that the contents of a lot of the bottles is very dirty and the glass stained along the sides, this is because I had stored the bottles on their side for about 20 years before I originally photographed them in 2003. The contents are now undrinkable and like vinegar.

The bottles and caps were photographed again to replace the older images in November 2007 with a Canon 5D DSLR. Image processing software:

Image Sales

I have high resolution TIFF files of the bottles and caps that can be purchased in the sizes listed below. Send me an email to detailing your project and I can reply with a quote.